MyTexasItGuy is a subsidiary of Concorde Systems LLC. Concorde Systems LLC was established in 2005 as an IT services company and has grown to include surveillance and other services. We are an owner-owned small business serving both small and large enterprise businesses around the Houston area.


Our engineers are consultants who also work for some of the largest fortune 500 companies in the area. They come with several years of experience and are handpicked based on experience, technical prowess, and enthusiasm to help small businesses get the best IT service without breaking the bank. Each engineer is an expert in a particular IT specialty and many are certified in those areas. By selecting us, you will have some of the most driven, professionals at the top of their game who are passionate about helping small businesses enjoy the same high class IT services like larger corporations.


We serve both commercial and residential clients from a wide variety of industries including medical clinics, emergency care centers, real estate companies, and law firms.